• Pipe Washer Detail
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  • Professional water pipe cleaning equipment - high frequency cleaning machine

    MicroPC controlled  (Japanese Model)

    1.Water impact mode

    2. Countercurrent cleaning mode

    3. Spiral wave pulse cleaning mode

    Short work time, low noise, not damage the  structure of the building.

    No used any chemicals .

    Pipe Washer


    Water pipe washing machine

    Product model: JP-01

    Input voltage: 110/220V 50/60HZ

    Maximum operating pressure: 1.4mpa

    Weight: 4 kg

    Size: W265/B365/H360 (mm)

    Overvoltage protection: yes

    Remote control distance: horizontal distance 30-150M

    Outer box: aluminum alloy


    Standard equipment

    Japan HITACHI air compressor (11KG)

    Configure 3 high pressure air pipes.

    1 remote control.

    Add 1 barrel of 10 liters of capacity.

    One power cord.

    Machine manual 1 only.

    One Connect the equipment.